2019 TCT 深圳 回顾

近日,DyeMansion 与中国区代理商云尚智造(YUNS)共同参展深圳 TCT 并在现场展示了 Print-to-Product 的工作流程,通过这一技术可以将3D打印的原始零件转化为高价值的产品。此外,DyeMansion 还在现场为来自不同行业的客户做了应用展示,汽车业、工业制造业、生活用品业、医疗保健业等都很适用。

Together with YUNS, our authorized reseller in China, we presented our Print-to-Product workflow which turns 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. Our booth also showcased the most interesting applications of our customers from different industries, starting from automotive and industrial manufacturing to lifestyle and health care products.

DyeMansion 还向亚洲市场推出了新的表面处理技术--VaporFuse Surfacing(VFS),这是一种用于提高表面光泽度的化学工艺,可与注塑成型相媲美。集成了蒸汽表面处理系统的全新 PowerFuse S,将于11月19日下午1点45分在 Formnext 举行全球首映式。

We also introduced to Asian market our new technology VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS), a chemical process for high-glossy surfaces that can rival with injection molding. The world premiere of our brand-new Powerfuse S, the system behind VaporFuse Surfacing, will take place at Formnext on November, 19th at 1.45pm.

客户可以选择其最适合的表面处理选项-- PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) 或  VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS),用于高光泽度平滑表面或哑光光泽表面。

Now our clients can choose which surfacing option fits best for their application - PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) for homogeneous, matte-glossy surfaces or VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) for high-glossy, sealed surfaces. 

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